ONZE & ORBI Shuttering Plywood

ONZE & ORBI Film faced shuttering plywood manufactures in India (IS:4990) is manufacture from superior quality hardwood procure from reliable vendors. The plywood is compose by aligning several layers of phenolic resin-coated hardwood veneers, each place at right angles to each other. Here we compress them under high pressure as compare to any other shuttering ply available in the market. Extra compression leads to better nail and screw holding capacity. By using selected quality veneer longer life and better quality is guaranteed.

ONZE & ORBI PLYWOOD has set a quality benchmark in the interior and exterior designing industry in india. We offer the finest quality and durable shuttering (Film Faced) Plywoods. Our product has a robust load-bearing capacity which prevents swelling during shuttering works.

ONZE & ORBI SHUTTERING PLY is made of 100% hardwood veneer's of selected species & press under HIGH PRESSURE at control temperature to make ply super strong which

  • Withstands high degree variation in temperature.

  • Withstands highwe mechanical loads hence requires less quality of frame work.

  • Withstands loads of wet concrete hence no deflation & bulgin on concrete casting.

APPLICATIONS: Civil construction, Repair and Maintenance of buildings, Bridges, Beams, Fly-over, Vehicle Bodies, Roofing, Casting Concrete Slabs Panelling and Flooring etc.

STANDARD THICKNESS: 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 25mm

STANDARD SIZES: 2440mm X 1220mm